Don’t settle for the


Unwind with luscious
flavors that burst with life


Turn up the night with
succulent pleasures


There is more to
non-alcoholic fruit beer


Indulge in our take on
exotically decadent flavors


Refreshing blends
suitable for all year round

From the true passion of likeminded non-alcoholic beer enthusiasts came the real breakthrough for SNAPS’ luscious fruit beer blends!

SNAPS is one of the brands introduced by the beverage market guru MixTender Beverages, which is a leading beverage company under MT Group. MixTender, an R&D driven company, is led by a team of young talented individuals, who share the same appetite for exotically flavored beverages of premium quality.
The team members started off with one clear goal, namely: creating unprecedented beverages that they would enjoy drinking themselves! The amazing outcome was mind-blowing, they ended up by changing the beverage industry forever… and they still continue to do so!
With each beverage concept and every new brand, MixTender uses R&D to perfect the various aspects of the production of superior quality and well-balanced beverages. Accordingly, the team obsesses over refining beverage qualities such as flavor, aroma, texture, finish and aftertaste.
After releasing the game-changing beverage DoubleDare to the market and after the astounding success it attained, MixTender’s team moved to produce its own non-alcoholic malt beverages brand “SNAPS” with a passion that’s still burning stronger than ever.
The commitment of everyone on MixTender’s team contributes to the development and success of our beverage brands. Cheers to the team that has set a new benchmark for quality beverages and exceptional flavors!
Original Malt

Original Malt

The classic beginning of it all

Pineapple Malt

Pineapple Malt

The tropical twist

Pomegranate Malt

Pomegranate Malt

The fruit that symbolizes life

Peach Malt

Peach Malt

The sign of blooming love

Strawberry Malt

Strawberry Malt

The taste that comes from the heart

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